Keira Lee, born 1st August 2011, fourth child of Tim and Kirsty Lee, of Surrey, England. Little sister, adored by Jack, Amy and Callum. A wonderfully kind, gentle and caring daughter with a beaming smile and heart melting giggle. Loved by us all now and forever xxx

Childhood Brain Tumours


Whilst still rare, cancer of the brain and central nervous system in children has a higher incidence rate than bacterial meningitis. Every week in the U.K. alone, 10 children will be diagnosed. 25% will die and many more will suffer significant ongoing disabilities. 



Up to the age of 40 brain tumours kill more people than any other form of cancer yet receives less than 2% of research funding. This is why it is so important to raise awareness of this terrible illness and encourage charitable donations.

Keira's Family 
Founder’s Notes 


Whilst obviously beyond devastated to have lost our precious daughter and sister, we as a family are determined to create something meaningful in Keira's name. By raising funds for research and the awareness campaign HeadSmart, we hope to make a real impact.

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